Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services

We offer mechanical and manual snow removal services. Our specialists will clear the area and prepare dumping sites for further snow removal with containers or dump trucks. Years of practice have shown that snow and ice need to be cleared quickly. Within a few hours, the snow cover will thicken and form an ice crust. The speed of cleaning determines the normal operation of transport, urban facilities, and reduces the number of casualties. We also offer snow removal services from building roofs, performed by experienced climbers. Our company operates in Riga and the Riga region. We are ready to cooperate with both legal entities and individuals. Snow removal and disposal is a service that results in a completely cleared area from snow. Our company SIA “ZK Motors” professionally engages in snow removal and disposal in Riga and the Riga region. We perform snow loading and removal mechanically and further utilize it. The company responds promptly to calls, in small volume cases, departure occurs within a few hours. We cooperate with shopping centers, warehouse complexes, manufacturing companies with large territories, and others. The cost of snow removal is determined depending on the area and location of the site, as well as the volume of work. We will not only efficiently clean your area, roof, parking lot, road, etc., but also, if necessary, remove all collected snow and utilize it in an environmentally friendly way.

Snow removal is necessary when snow accumulates on the territory, obstructing movement, safety, visibility, or aesthetics. Snow removal should be carried out regularly to prevent snow consolidation, icing, snow pile formation, or snow melting problems. Snow removal should also be done before and after snowfall to prepare the area and prevent snow accumulation.

Snow removal services are advantageous because they provide:

  • Professional and quality snow removal using appropriate equipment and tools.
  • Prompt and flexible snow removal, adapting to the client's needs and weather conditions.
  • Reliable and responsible snow removal, adhering to all regulations and safety requirements.
  • Economical and cost-effective snow removal, offering competitive prices and various contract options.

To choose the best snow removal service provider, consider several factors such as the type of services, volume, duration, deadline, budget, and quality requirements. Consider the following criteria:

  • Experience and Competence: The service provider should be a registered construction trader, knowledgeable about snow removal regulations, capable of drafting a snow removal contract, and providing qualified personnel and equipment.
  • Prices and Offers: The service provider should offer competitive prices, provide detailed and clear contract and invoice documentation, and include all necessary service positions, such as snow removal, disposal, treatment with anti-slip materials, and others.
  • Reviews and Reputation: The service provider should have good reviews and a solid reputation from both previous and current clients, demonstrate high responsibility and reliability, adhere to deadlines and quality standards, cooperate with the client, and resolve any problems or uncertainties.